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We want long term tenants. Do you want a long term landlord?

We care for your home as we would care for our own home. We want you to stay with us for as long as you are a renter. We ask that you care for our home as we would care for it as well. This is often a learning process for the both of us and we understand that. 

Pay your rent on time and be respectful of your neighbors. We will do our part. 

Blue Dog Homes

Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh Since 2006

We are often on a waiting list. 

When homes are available we now advertise on Zillow.com and its affiliated sites. Find us there. Be honest on your application. We can work through a lot of issues if you are working through your issues. 

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We offer affordable rents in Pittsburgh.

Our rents start at $500 a month right now and average about $650 a month. 

Our homes include a  refrigerator and stove - that we pay to maintain. We can sometimes include a washer and dryer. We almost always have a washer and dryer hookup.

We usually pay PWSA bills in your rent. This includes sewer and often the water bill too.

We pay for City of Pittsburgh and independent trash collection when necessary.

We pay our property taxes, insurance, library tax, loan payments, and our contractor bills. Always.